How to try:

If you are interested in applying to become one of our Cannabis Connoisseurs, there is a screening process involved due to limited spots available (10). The process that will be executed in these focus groups will be; to smoke 3 different strains of weed. You can try these out with or without your friends. Although, we encourage you to try your cans with other people in order to have a discussion for a better analysis. They will be labelled with numbers instead of the strain name. We have chosen this method of testing to eliminate bias. It is a double blind test, because most judges will not know who wrote the description.

***Because of the tremendous popularity of the program we are now doing a pre screening to the contest. We want this to be a win win scenario, you get deeply discounted product, we get honest user feedback. We had a few participants sign up, just to get the discount, so it forced us to change the program a little bit.

After signing up online, you will be able to buy the pre screening test – 3 random 3g tins for $75. Within 7 days, we would like to receive your review on those 3 strains. – after this you are in the contest.

From here you will get a one time chance to buy upto 3g of each strain at $7 a gram. We are expecting a review for each of the strains.

Step 1

Make an online account at

Create account now!!

If you are already registered. Log in in your account.

Then send a request for the Cannabis Connoisseurs from this link. Then go to step 2.

Make application for the CC
Step 2

Purchase the screening test kit.

Go to shop
Step 3

test away! You will have 7 days from the time you take your testing kit to get back to us with a detailed review of the strains, at this point a guess of what strain it is that you got is not very relevant.

Send an email for each review, on the subject line tell us the color of can and the number at the bottom of it. For example black can with number 3 would be black 3 or b3.

Submit your review via email to: [email protected]

What are we looking for in the review? Detailed specs on flavour, smoothness, bud density, fragrance, appearance, effects, intoxication levels and recommended uses. Bonus if you can indicate all specs and ones that are outside of this ones.

Send a review
Step 4

Come shopping! You can buy up to 3g of any strain for the purpose of reviews for $7g.

You don’t have to buy it all at once, in fact for the sake of reviews we rather you don’t.

Step 5

As we receive review we will be compiling profiles and begin narrowing down the selection for our 10 cc.

Why be a wellness nation CC

The perks are awesome! – you will be part of an elite society of weed enthusiast, however, you probably already know you are! and the recognition is not enough… how about these apples!

And a bunch of other things I haven’t even thought of yet!!!