CBD Mango CBD:THC (2:1)


This is our signature HIGH CBD strain – We had a few famous high end CBD strains tested and this lovely mango was the only one that we all rated 10 stars! Our strain was tested and it turned out to be a 2:1 CBD:THC from one of our cannabis connoisseur designates: Mango CBD I vaped this on an Airizer solo at setting 6/7, as I like bigger hits. I have to be honest. My expectations were low. Only bought a gram. I haven’t had good luck with high CBD flower and the only mango I had ever had was a straight up skunky and UN-tropical indica.   These buds were a light sage green, with beautiful caramel coloured hairs. These little nuglets had the most delicate dusting of crystals. Intact I found that these buds were on the small side, but had lots of punch! There was a bit of sugar leaf left on, but it definitely wasn’t excessive. They are just about the perfect density. They have a nice “Squish” to them. The smell is pure fruit at first, but when busted the fruit is joined by a warm peppery scent. It busts up nice and fluffy and isn’t too dry. These buds have the PERFECT amount of stick! On the inhale I could really taste the pineapple and the mango. The exhale was very peppery but not in the “burn the shit out of your throat” kind of peppery. It is more of a creamy and smooth peppery. The first effects hit me after about 5 minutes. Warm spot, above the sternum. The warmth slowly spread over my body. I closed my eyes and could actually visualize the wave of relaxation as it spread out. This is where everything was very different for me from my previous mango ride. I am not sure what the hell I had before, but this is definitely a game changer. Because of the high CBD I was prepared to have this be a very “non-high” kind of high. Nope. The one small bowl was enough to give me quite a nice little buzz. I could still do daily tasks, with the exception of driving. I don’t think that it made me stupid, but my reaction time was a little slower. I felt uplifted and happy. Like a little pause button for my feels. I also found myself sitting up straight. Something that I hadn’t been able to do since I woke up. I have very bad back issues and muscle spasms. TMI WARNING:Remember that “wave of relaxation”? I was suddenly overcome with the urge to hit the powder room. I struggle with IBS and things get a little backed up from time to time. Not Today. *mic drop* I would suggest the strain for anyone that suffers from lower back pain. Also for anyone that is interested in seeking treatment for IBS. It really had a positive effect of my depression and mood level. I am really looking forward to getting my hands on more of it!
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