Wellness nation:in house cannabis connoisseur review of Grape LA:   Get ready for the tastiest smoke of your life ! This LA Confidential and Grapefruit cross is an indica dominant hybrid that will evaporate life’s stresses and shower your senses with tropical fragrances. Opening a can of this results in the overpowering smell of citrus, grapefruit and orange; almost perfume-like. The buds burn very smoothly as well, with minimal throat irritation. The nugs are visually appealing and well rounded, basically caked in trichomes, with popping notes of light sage green and minimal frizziness. As an 80% indica/ 20% sativa, this strain will give you heavy physical relaxation, potent pain relief as well as mental serenity and bliss. Your anxieties will be curbed and peace will find you. Its high THC content, averaging around 30%, indicates the heavily intoxicating effects, making this a strain for experienced users. The ideal time of intake is in the evening; expect a strong high and deep restful sleep. For the dabbers and concentrate enthusiasts out there, this is a strain potent enough that a tightly packed bowl almost feels like a dab hit, providing instant relief. Truly a lot of bang for your buck.   Cheers,   Mina – wellness nation 420 cannabis connoisseur////////// From another cc:   It’s hard to write a review when you are in a coma. This bud is not to be fooled with. On first inspection this bud is a beautiful minty green colour…I think. It is hard to tell, as it is covered in so much orange hair! Almost like Mahna Mahna, from The Muppets. The smell is a bit harder to pin down. It is nice and piney and fruity with some skunk and maybe a little coffee. The but busts up well and the dusting of teeny tiny little trichomes makes for a beautiful stick. I first hit this in my dynavap M with a high heat. This is where things take a huge turn. Based on the very beautiful packaging, I assumed that this would be grape. I assumed wrong. Grapefruit. LOVE!!! The only grapefruit I had been exposed to was haze. This was NOT remotely haze-like. On the inhale piney and smooth with citrus notes. Amazingly this flower, smoked in a bong, still retains a huge amount of terp. The exhale is grapefruit, caramel and a tiny bit of burnt coffee. The high…hope you don’t have plans. Or maybe your plan is to just be chill. SERIOUSLY! I have been writing this for a week! This strain is fantastic for tuning out and relaxing. This is a must when you just need the world to shut up for a bit. I will not be running out of this one
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